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Fading Lights

Fading Lights” is an introspective, emotionally rich song that muses on the ephemeral nature of life and the passage of time. It navigates the terrain of nostalgia, acceptance, and the human longing for connection and relevance. This song is my contemplation on the flux of life, the inevitability of change, and the imprint we leave behind.

The lyrics open with an imagery of “fading lights,” which to me symbolizes the ebbing away of moments and memories. I find myself daydreaming of better times and reflecting on the faces and places left behind in the flow of time. These lines set a tone of melancholy and a sense of longing for the past.

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The fading tides and the washed-out image of who we are represent how identities and realities can be blurred and altered over time. The city lights, built by countless dreamers who’ve fallen apart, serves as a metaphor for collective human efforts and dreams, which are often ephemeral and susceptible to the wear and tear of time.

The phrase “in the wake of time… Until the end of times” is a poignant echo of the inexorable passage of time that engulfs all our experiences, memories, identities, and dreams.

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The lyrics then shift to a more personal perspective. I encourage listeners to “feel the spark” – to stay in touch with their passion and their essence. Even in the face of inevitable change and the fading away of experiences and selfhood, there’s something inviolable at our core – symbolized by the “fireworks going off in your heart”.

The last part of the song embraces the transitory nature of life. It captures the preciousness of each moment and the beauty in acknowledging its fleeting nature – the hourglass laying down on its side, the final kiss with a fading breath. Even as we witness the world we know recede from the window up high, we’re reminded to feel alive, to relish the edge of our existence.

“Fading Lights” is ultimately an ode to the human condition, to our collective and individual journeys marked by dreams, decay, memories, loss, resilience, and the relentless march of time. It’s an invitation to keep our sparks alive, to find meaning and beauty even in the wake of fading lights.

Lives Like The City

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