Behind the notes:
Lives Like the City

“Lives Like the City” is more than just a song; it’s a deep dive into my contemplation about identity, dreams left unrealized, and the human experience within the vibrancy of a city.

When I close my eyes, the sights that often come to mind are the dazzling lights of the myriad cities that have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. I visualize a fragmented voice resonating through bustling streets, questioning the implications had I not turned out to be the person I am. The struggle of coming to terms with my identity can sometimes be so intense that it numbs my mind. The echoing thoughts get lost amidst the debris of dreams that never materialized. There are moments when my body quivers with pent-up emotions, which then fill an inherent void, setting the stage for this recurring cycle.

In the song, I mull over the concept of beginnings mirroring endings, posing the question of what life would look like if things began the way they ended.

“Lives Like the City” essentially serves as an echo, resonating with the city’s dreams. I wanted to convey that our cities are teeming with never-ending stories and experiences, all of which are given life through the hearts and lives of their inhabitants. This multitude of narratives, in essence, embodies the city’s vibrancy.

My dreams are frequently punctuated with visions of movement and blurry lights, as if trying to resuscitate the world. The act of tracing our future with our fingers on foggy windows brings an intimate sense of human connection and the promise of the life that lies ahead. Yet, as dawn breaks, stirring us from our sleep, our craving for more is reignited, compelling us to rejoin the relentless game of life.

I touch on the realization of our roles in this grand scheme of existence. We rise and fall, acting as pieces in a game, keeping the balance of life in check.

The song ponders over the paradox of our interconnected world – despite our apparent interconnectedness, are we truly unified, or do we merely exist in close proximity, separated by unseen divides?

In essence, “Lives Like the City” is my tribute to the human experience within the city, acknowledging its vibrant, complex, and sometimes paradoxical existence. It’s a homage to the city, living and breathing through the plethora of stories it encompasses.

Lives Like The City

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