Behind the notes:
Mysteious Love

“Mysterious Love” is a reflective exploration into the enigmatic essence of love and the indomitable spirit of two individuals united in their quest for freedom and happiness. It’s an emotional narrative that underlines the transformative power of love and its ability to create a sense of unity and resilience amidst uncertainty and trials.

The song tells the story of two lovers, described as ‘partners in crime’ and ‘perfect strangers.’ Their journey, marked by shared dreams and a longing for freedom, is a thrilling and unpredictable adventure, symbolized by phrases like ‘wild ride’ and ‘two worlds collide.’

They persistently chase after a ‘sunset,’ a metaphor for an idyllic future or an escape, and envision a ‘tomorrow in the promised land.’ This ongoing pursuit is powered by ‘a forever-growing flame of hope glowing in their eyes.’ This imagery signifies their unwavering optimism and determination, even when facing adversity.

The chorus ‘Love happens in mysterious ways, Two hearts beat as one, As free as stars in the sky, Memories forged in the fire of love, Will last forever in the hour pure gold,’ encapsulates the nature of their bond. Their love is both a mystery and a liberating force, similar to stars in the vast expanse of the sky. They are crafting enduring memories amidst their passionate love, precious and everlasting, akin to ‘pure gold.’

The phrase ‘glitch in the system’ speaks of their unique, nonconformist relationship, challenging societal norms and expectations. It’s an affirmation of their exclusive bond, their rejection of conventional limitations, and their commitment to charting their own course.

“Mysterious Love” is a tribute to the unpredictable, yet profound, power of love. It paints an epic love story that braves the odds and cherishes the potential of a more promising future. It affirms the belief that love is a formidable force, sparking resilience, unity, and an unyielding pursuit of dreams.

Who knows, I might have subconsciously described my relationship with Anna, especially when we just started going out.

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