Behind the notes:
A Harmless Lie

“A Harmless Lie” is a deeply personal expression of my dreams, vulnerabilities, and the strength I summon to overcome the challenges I face. It encapsulates the bittersweet moments of longing, self-deception, and resilience that have shaped my journey.

In the song, I find solace in envisioning sunlight pouring through my window shades, evoking a sense of warmth and positivity. I gaze at the stars, creating an illusion that they exist in the same place, a fleeting connection that brings me comfort. Religion and luck feel insignificant in the face of my struggles, which often push me back to square one. Paradoxically, this circumstance becomes a blessing in disguise, allowing me to deceive myself and hold onto the belief that this time, I will come closer to reaching my goals.

I emphasize the enduring nature of the light within me, even as it may dim over time. I refuse to let it fade completely, knowing that the night, with all its challenges, won’t last forever. I’m determined to fight against the odds, refusing to surrender.

Goodbyes leave a bitter taste, but they promise the allure of a new life. However, I acknowledge that certain circumstances are beyond my control. Left in their wake are the shattered pieces of my heart and soul, remnants of the struggles I’ve endured. This is referring to all the times I was forced to move while growing up. Having a steady group of friends was difficult as I always ended up being the New Guy, something that has haunted me throughout all experiences to come. 

In the depths of my journey, I reflect on the concept of strength, which for me, lies in learning how to rise after a fall. It’s a skill I’ve honed over time, and the empty pages represent the unwritten chapters of my life. Carried away by the wind, they vanish into the unknown, symbolizing the transient nature of our experiences. Amidst a world grappling with broken truths, I find myself gazing at the sky, reciting a harmless lie—a personal affirmation that one day, I will find a place where I truly belong.

Despite the bitter moments and uncertainties, “A Harmless Lie” emanates a steadfast determination to keep moving forward. It acknowledges the lack of control and the emotional scars left behind, yet it also radiates a resolute spirit to persevere and discover my sense of belonging.

This song represents my intimate exploration of longing, self-deception, and resilience. It unveils the depth of my dreams, vulnerabilities, and the tenacity that fuels my journey. Through its heartfelt lyrics, it serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenges, I can summon the strength to embrace my truth and continue moving forward.

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